Camp HUD Info

Welcome to the *XeoRealms Adventure Camp* with our camp HUD you’ll be able to participate in events and interact with the world of XeoRealms. It is important to always keep your HUD on while on the camp regions! It is also important to always have your Overhead Display on during Faction Wars and PvP.


What do the HUD buttons do?


▪ The Logo: If you touch our Logo on the HUD you should be getting a popup with teleport options, if you accepted our Experience (which you should) you’ll automatically be teleported to the new location.




▪ The Potion: The potion can be clicked when you are low on health and need a quick healing, If you are already full health it will tell you how many potions you have currently. You can craft new potions with our crafting system or find the materials in other ways.




▪ The Flags: The Flags open a menu to enable and disable PvP, this is required for Faction Wars. Make sure you are wearing your Overhead Display when it’s enabled.





▪ The Axe: This counts as your “Tool” draw/sheath trigger, if you are close to a mine or any other material this would be the button to use. Hint: You may want to turn off your weapon first.




▪ The Sword: This triggers your Weapon and draws or sheaths the weapon from your avatar to your hand. Draw your weapon and go into mouselook to fight.




What else can the HUD do?

The HUD includes multiple features and is what communicates with the world of XeoRealms, without going into fancy these are the two important things.

▪ Above our Logo you will see “Health” this explains itself, as you get attacked by monsters or PvP you’ll lose health. Once you reach 0% you’ll be teleported back to the Main Hall after a few seconds and healed back to 100%. The quest will explain more about this, there are also other ways to heal yourself.

▪ Counselors can also use the HUD to communicate with you during camp, this message gets sent to all regions so if you are doing camp-wide events such as Faction Wars. please pay attention to messages you may receive from your HUD!

For any help, ask other campers or counselors in our camp group :)