Playable Factions

As you join The XeoRealms you’ll have to choose a faction to join, this is the team you’ll be part of and effects your quest and home location. Your decision can not be changed, please note to balance the camp you can only choice “preferred faction”, this mean it is not 100% certain you’ll be picked for that faction.

The factions are changing during Fall camp 2019, please stay tuned!

Gift of the Night

Deep in the Restless Wilderness of The XeoRealms a tribe was formed to protect and preserve the beauty of the world while the forces of the Nefarious Fellowship aim to corrupt the realm with dark magic and power. They travel through the trees and mountains and are one with nature and it’s secrets. These warriors call themselves the Gift of the Night and will remain loyal until the end.

(Join this Faction if you enjoy being part of the good team and would like to be part of a story where it is your job to fight of the evils of The XeoRealms. Will you be the savior of the world? This is the most computer-lag-heavy region)

Nefarious Fellowship

The Nefarious Fellowship is feared all over The XeoRealms, they seek to destroy and corrupt all living things in the hunt for power and artifacts. However those that are part of the fellowship were not always evil, some were corrupted on entry of The XeoRealms through the portal they came through while others got captured and brainwashed. They hide between the dark mountains of the Glowing Lands as they slowly spread their corruption.

(Join this Faction if you enjoy being part of the evil team and would like to take over the world, keep in mind that this region is focus on darkness and may be scary and sad. This region may be computer-lag-heavy)

Seekers of the Stars

In the cold snowy Nianeau Icelands the Seekers of the Stars watch over the two other factions while they gather materials and magic crystals in attempt to stop the war. They believe the Nefarious Fellowship can be cured from their evil corruption and do their best to keep the Gift of the Night from attacking the Glowing Lands. They believe in the power of the stars to protect them from the darkness. But don’t be mistaken, just because they do not want war does not mean they are not ready to defend themselves from evil.

(Join this Faction if you enjoy being natural and believe in helping the other two factions survive from each other by stopping the XeoRealms war. This faction is perfect for adventurers who rather relax instead of fight, this region is also optimized for low-lag and low-end computers. Please also join this faction if you are afraid the other two factions may be to laggy, they may be chosen to help other factions out in events when needed (optional).