Loot & Collectibles

During XeoRealms Adventure Camp you’ll be able to find multiple materials, these can be as monster drops, Mystery World rewards, Event rewards and much more. With these materials you will be able to craft items by using the Crafting Stations, you can find Crafting Recipes here.

Any materials not used during the current camp can be used again next camp or any future camps, so hold onto them! You can also trade them with other campers as they are no-copy/transfer.


Item Name Location / Loot From
Jaguar Claw Jaguars, Plaguesnare
Sore Weed Jaguars, Mystic Trees, Dreambeast, Voyager
Twigs Jaguars, Murkpaw, Plaguesnare
Sea Shells Emberbeing, Yichath
Leather Dreambeast, Yichath
Green Slug Emberbeing, Warpthing
Spider Silk Dreambeast, Warpthing, Voyager
Desert Ears Jaguars, Warpthing
Whiches Cep Emberbeing, Warpthing, Voyager
Late Roundhead Mystic Trees, Murkpaw, Plaguesnare
Pea False Truffel Mystic Trees, Yichath
Aenibelite Dreambeast, Murkpaw, Voyager
Kukhorite Emberbeing, Yichath
Antklinite Mystic Trees, Murkpaw, Plaguesnare
Copper Ore Mining Stone (Copper Ore)
Iron Ore Mining Stone (Iron Ore)
Silver Ore Mining Stone (Silver Ore)
Celathrite (Rare) Mining Stone (Silver Ore)
Blue Celevanite (Rare) Mining Stone (Silver Ore)
Lime Brucexite (Rare) Mining Stone (Silver Ore)
Almaerupine (Rare) Mining Stone (Iron Ore)
Fasveite (Rare) Mining Stone (Copper Ore)
Zullzite (Rare) Mining Stone (Iron Ore)
Goldalite (Rare) Mining Stone (Copper Ore)
Comnzenite (Ultra Rare) Faction Wars Mines
Opaionite (Ultra Rare) Faction Wars Mines

Quest Items

Item Name Location / Loot From
Sharp Jaguar Claw Jaguars
Black Ore Mining Stone (Silver Ore), Mining Stone (Iron Ore), Mining Stone (Copper Ore)