Camp Rules

Rules? Yep rules! If you do not follow our rules we may remove you from our current and future camps.

  1. Always remain ToS compliant. No nudity, adultĀ language, profile groups, picks, etc.
  2. Camper age requirement is 0 to 17 years old, and events may be out of character.
  3. In-theme clothing is preferred but optional and not required.
  4. Don’t leave the camp regions without permission.
    • To make this camp experience the best it can be, we ask that you remain on the camp regions at all times once you have arrived. If you need to do something real quick you can ask a counselor for permission to leave and let them know when you return. This may be strange for new campers, but it will provide a better experience for everyone.
    • This rule is strictly enforced, if you are caught off-region (and we often find out) you may be expelled from camp and any future camps.
  5. Use common sense & respect everyone.
    • If you have an issue with another camper, contact a counselor!
    • Keep in mind that we have people from all over the world, not everyone speaks perfect English.
    • Role play your own way, some people are better in role play than others. Do not judge each other.
  6. Rules for dancers and gestures: both of these are allowed, but not during events.
    • Please keep others in mind however, if a counselor asks you to stop, then stop.
  7. Diapers: Diapers are allowed and must be silenced, no chatter in localchat.
  8. Weapons: You may only use XeoRealm compatible weapons, they can be collected during camp.
  9. No voice chat for kids! Only counselors may speak on voice chat, this rule is strictly enforced.
  10. Always wear your ** XeoRealms Adventure Camp ** faction group tag while you’re at camp.
  11. Wear your XeoRealms Camp HUD at all times, you need this for camp events to work.
    • The XeoRealms Overhead Display is required during PvP and Faction Wars.
    • Only wear your Faction Overhead. Example: if you are part of the Gift of the Night do not wear the Seekers of the Stars Overhead unless you are told by a counselor.
  12. Enjoy the Faction Wars and let everyone have fun!
    • Winning or losing, stay positive and cheer for others!
    • Share with others, make sure everyone has a chance to play.
    • No flying during Faction Wars, a security orb will be activated.
    • Understand lag, some days may be worse than others.
    • Faction Wars are unique and may or may not work as predicted.
  13. Sleeping in-game is allowed, but try to remain in your own faction hideout.
  14. No blocking or marking the monster re-spawn points with prims.

Note: This is our first camp, some rules may be adjusted or added over time.
Please check this site regularly for any updates.