*XeoLife* Crafting

*XeoLife* Farming & Cooking is currently released as early access.

Farming – Features: 

  • Place unlimited farms. (For now, there is only one farm type. Basic Farm Plot (Small))
  • Collect seeds. (From event rewards, level up rewards, marketplace, or our store)
  • Water and take care of crops. (Timers on crops may be different per seeds)
  • Crops grow into items, pick them up and use as food/item. (In the future they can be used to cook!)
  • Once crops are fully grown you can use the farm again to plant new seeds.
  • Use it yourself or share with family, only you can harvest the finished crop.
  • Unlock more seeds. With each *XeoLife* HUD level you’ll unlock new seeds. Even some RARE seeds!

Farming – How To Use:

  1. Wear your *XeoLife* Roleplay HUD 1.15 (or higher)
  2. Rez one or more farm plots.
  3. Rez a *XeoLife* Seeds bag for your current level, or below your level nearby.
  4. Click the *XeoLife* Seeds bag, on the menu select *Plant*.
  5. The seeds should now be planted, a timer starts on your farm.
  6. Click on the active farm, select the *Water* option.
  7. The farm plot should now show a timer, once completed see step 8.
  8. The crop may have multiple cycles to complete, water again if needed until it’s complete. Then see step 9.
  9. When the farm says “Ready to harvest”, select the farm and click *Harvest*.
  10. Your item/crop should now appear above the farm, floating and ready to be picked up.
  11. Pick up the item/crop, you have now successfully made your first crop!

Farming – All Features: (detailed)

  • Set Access: Set who is able to water the crops.
    • *Self*: Makes it only you can use and water the farm.
    • *Group*: Will set it to allow anyone in the currently active group you have.
    • *All*: Anyone can access your farm, even total strangers.
  • Help: Messages the user with a link to this page.
  • Main Store: Messages the user with a SLurl to our main store.
  • *Water*: As explained above, changed into *Harvest* when crop is complete.
  • *Toggle Text*: Turns the floating text on and off above the farm plot.
  • Actions…: Brings up a menu with small “fun” actions to interact with the farm.
  • Animations: Sit on the farm as “furniture” to get a pose menu. Sized for adult, child and TD/Small avatars.

Cooking – Features: 

  • Coming Soon!