Store & Privacy Policy

By purchasing from Xeolots, XeoLife and/or The XeoRealms
you are agreeing to the following agreements:

Privacy Policy active 23 May 2018.

  • You have the right to be forgotten. This means that you as an individual have the right to demand that any personal data that we hold on you to be deleted. There are some exceptions for this rule – for example, if we must retain the data for legal purposes. Sales records meet this exception, due to the legal need for accountancy and tax reporting.
  • Data portability. You as an individual have the right to demand a copy of all the data we hold on you, in a “legible form”. A CSV file meets this requirement.
  • Protection. We do not collect and store data that we do not need. We will not share any data unless we absolutely need to, in order to supply the product or service that we offer. We will not retain data for longer than we need it. We keep only minimal logs required for security purposes. Logs are regularly rotated and deleted. We don’t store any additional data beyond that required to operate our services.
  • Your data secure. Our database servers are completely firewalled from the outside world. Zero ports open. Only internal access to our application servers via a separate isolated internal network. We use SSL encryption on every website and external connection. We do not and will not discuss your account or share any of your data with any other individual or organization without your explicit consent on a per-incident basis.
  • We ensure our staff, managers, suppliers, and anyone who touches your data is properly trained. Our staff that we have who have access to our data have signed non disclosure agreements and are aware of the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Affiliates are trained only. The affiliates that we have who have access to our data have signed non disclosure agreements and are aware of the requirements of the GDPR.

What is changing?

  • Current Affiliates. Any current and past affiliates will be shut down until they have reviewed and accepted the new privacy policy, they will not store your data.
  • You will be allowed to download your data. We use CasperTech services, we’ll help you with this in our main store. Please keep in mind that deleting your data also removes you from redelivery, updates and support as you’ll no longer be in our sales database as proof of purchase.
  • We’ll be removing store credit alerts from sales notifications, since these could be considered to be marketing notices.


  • Please note that data stored for security purposes (ban lists) are exempted, individuals will not be allowed to delete themselves from our ban lists.
  • Request for deletion of your data. We use CasperVend and CasperLet, all data obtained is for financial transactional reasons and can not be deleted.
  • All data obtained is used for financial transactional reasons only.

** Xeolots ** Store Policy.

  • Free updates on all our items. (Non-retired)
  • Gift cards are not accepted on our L$50 Friday/weekend deal.
  • No redelivery on Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania.
  • Sorry, but no refunds. (Unless double purchased or reason below)