*Xeolife* Affiliate Market

The *Xeolife* Affiliate Market, a free, easy to join event for *XeoLife* Affiliates to showcase their products and for XeoLifers to discover more stores!

Hello, we here at Xeolots will be holding a monthly event, starting on the 4th each month and ending on the last of that month. We will allow up to 10 stores to join us each month.

To join in you need to be a XeoLife Affiliate and fill in our simple web form. We will go by the rule of first come, first served. Once the monthly list is full the remaining sign ups will carry over to the next month. Those select for the current month will need to sign up again for the next rounds. Each round stores owners will have 10 prims to setup.

Once we have your sign up in our hands you can expect an invite, as long you are a XeoLife Affiliate. Invited participants will have a few days to set up their booth before the event starts. If a selected store owner does not setup before the event starts their spot will be forfeited, they will be removed from the list and would need to sign up again if they want to join future rounds. In this case the next person on the list will be invited in their place.

The only rules are that your items need to be *XeoLife* compatible and be PG, they don’t have to be new, but we’d love to see you use this as a chance to advertise your new creations. We will do the advertising for the market and make sure to get visitors.

On the last day of the month we will return the vendors and objects of the attendees and remove them from the group to prepare for the next round.

So remember as soon as the event starts the participants are free to sign up again to be put back on the list for future months.

We hope we’ve explained this all in a way that is easy to understand but if you have any questions feel free to poke our staff.

Finally, to sign up visit: http://xeolots.com/XeoMarket
Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SpazzyLots/124/194/21