Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does the _____ function work on the HUD?
A: Please see our ‘Features’ page for more details on the HUD itself and the options provided from the menu:


Q: Is XeoLife a copy of _____?
A: For those concerned over anything having to do with copyright, it is important to keep in mind the basis of our design. XeoLife is based simply on the expanded concept of one of those most common video game elements out there: the graphic meter. Health and magic/mana/stamina meters abound across genres, and in a game such as Second Life, a life sim for many people, there are no meters to be seen. Some find it helpful to keep track of certain things that might be forgotten in a role-playing environment, such as simple, day-to-day needs. So we took the idea of graphic meters, and added one for each of the basic human needs we could come up with. This is bound to bear a striking resemblance to anything else that might be based on a similar concept. We designed a HUD to simulate real life’s needs, in bar form. Being designed under Xeolots, and being a “real life” simulator of sorts, the name was simply an easily recognizable combination that referred to both the brand, and the HUD.

Q: Will scripts for XeoLife items, such as food, be available?
A: Yes, we now have multiple scripts for sale. Furniture, Hold/Wear, Consumables and a Fatpack. These prices are L$499 for the Wear/Hold, L$499 for Furniture scripts, L$1999 for Consumables and L$2499 for the fatpack. This is one-time-buy with free updates forever and includes free advertising in our mainstore. They can be found in our mainstore, on the marketplace, satellite stores and affiliate vendors.

Q: Will XeoLife Health scripts be available?
A: Right now the answer is no, this is the only stat (apart from Experience) that is XeoLife exclusive. This is to balance the game as we are adding Experience into it.

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