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XeoLife Roleplay HUD (Heads Up Display):

The full version of XeoLife uses 8 stats, as well as offering the option of switching between full and adventure modes. In adventure mode, the stats hygiene, continence, and cheer, will all be paused, and will no longer affect other stats, so need not be maintained while in adventure mode.

The HUD will come with scripts and items enough to maintain these stats, such as a script that can be placed in furniture to designate it as a bed, or a place to relax and so on.

  • Stat bars: Food, Water, Energy, Health, Continence, Cheer, Hygiene, and experience are all tracked.
    • Food:  Is fairly straightforward, and can be refilled by using food items, for example. Some drinks may also add a little bit of food.
      • Food will decrease health if filled past 100%, or if reduced to 0%. Too much food is twice as damaging as too much water.
    • Water:  Works in much the same way as food, filled primarily with drinks, and some foods.
      • Water will decrease health if filled past 100%, or if reduced to 0%. No water is twice as unhealthy as no food.
    • Energy:  Will decrease over time and with some toys and games scripted for XeoLife. It can be refilled by resting in bed, and some items.
      • Energy will lower health by a small amount once it reaches 0%.
    • Health:  Is your most important stat. It contributes the most to Experience as long as it’s maintained at 100%.
      • Health will not decrease on it’s own, unless another stat is at 0%.
      • Health can be lowered by very small amounts through certain actions and items.
      • Health can be restored through single-use items from the Main XeoLife store.
      • If health is reduced below 90%, it will begin subtract Experience. However, you will not lose any levels if Experience is reduced to 0%.
    • Hygiene:  Is essentially how well groomed and clean you are. It goes down slowly, over time. It can be restored with showers, sinks, soaps, and so on.
      • Hygiene will reduce health by a very small amount once it reaches 0%.
    • Continence:  Represents your ability to, essentially, ‘hold it back’. A bathroom is the best place to recover this stat, or behind a tree if needed. (This can be done via the ‘Actions’ option in the HUD menu.)
      • Hygiene will suffer and be reduced quickly should this stat reach 0%.
    • Cheer:  Represents comfort. Contentment. A general good mood, or at least entertained. It increases by use of comfortable furniture, games, sweets, and so on.
      • Cheer will start to drain your energy should it reach 0%.
    • Experience:  Will start at 0% and increase slowly by maintaining your other stats. Once it reaches 100%, you will gain a level. (See ‘Levels’ below.)
      • Health will add the most to experience as long as it is over 90% (Approximately 60% of the maximum at 100%.)
      • For any stat over 50% you will gain a small amount of experience for each, every five minutes.
  • Levels: By maintaining your stats at above 50% (or above 90% for health) you will gain experience over time. Once experience reaches 100%, you will gain a level. Levels will earn bonuses for the HUD, such as special items, new skins (these change the appearance of the HUD), and other gifts you will be able to pick up from the Level Reward Kiosk that will be set up at the main store.
  • Minimize button: This changes the HUD into just a logo, click the logo to return to the HUD
  • Titles: You can use a chat command to set a title for your overhead display. To change it type “/1Title title” in chat, the title part has to be one of the available titles listed below, i.e “/1title Mom”.
    • Available titles are:  Adult, Caretaker, Dad, Feral, Kid, Mom, Parent, Pet, Teen, Young Adult, Child, Toddler, Baby, Furry, Out of Character, OOC, Grandparent. (Custom titles are not available, there might be collectible titles in the future though. The reason is that we want to keep the community somewhat together and not have people all using different titles. It also prevents people from using titles that might reflect badly on XeoLife as a whole)

Options Menu: This menu can be accessed simply by clicking the HUD itself and will list a number of options which are described below:

  • Actions: Offers a variety of actions which can be preformed to raise some stats in exchange for a penalty to others. Click once to select and read the details of the action. Click again to use that action to alter your stats.
  • Chat Display: Allows you to select the display of actions and item use in local chat. (Default for both is private. Only you will see the text.)
    • Item Use is whenever you use a consumable item with charges, such as food, water, soap, etc.
    • Actions are accomplished through the action menu and have text for each.
  • Links:  Website/Help has been replaced with “Links” which point to pages of the XeoLife website, such as the FAQ, the HUD Manual, and our Affiliates (a list of sims that are XeoLife related or compatible)
  • HUD Skin: Allows you to select from any collected appearances for the HUD. Click one to select, and again to confirm the change.
    • Most HUD skins will come with a full version and a mini version. The mini version is much more compact, to save screen space.
    • Resize: You can change your HUD to be slightly bigger in case the default size is too small or unclear for your monitor.
  • Mode: These selectable modes will change how the HUD functions. More may be added in the future. These can be changed at any time through the menu by selecting “Mode” and then the appropriate selection.
    • Home Mode: This is the default mode in which all 8 stats are active to be maintained.
    • Outdoors Mode: Adventurers don’t need to shower or use the restroom! In fact, when’s the last time you saw one of these in a grand fantasy setting? There’s no time to sit around and play games either, so in outdoors mode, these stats don’t matter, and are paused.
    • Clean Mode: For those who would prefer to disables continence stat. Keeping only 7 stats active.
  • Overhead: This allows you to toggle the overhead display on and off, change the color, and set it to display the first four stats, or all currently active ones.
    •  You can change between showing the full stats or a simple version, Food becomes F, Water becomes W and so on.
  • Silence: This option will silence all local chat options with the HUD. Click once to select, and again to confirm.
    • Silence currently affects:
      • Auto Emotes are turned off; Item Use and Action Use from Chat Display are set to private.
  • Stat Emotes: This option will allow you to locally display text for the selected stat to reflect it’s approximate amount. For example, selecting ‘Food’ while above 90% will state that your character is quite full, while if it were under it would indicate they are becoming a little hungry.
    • Auto Emote: Will set it so whenever a stat passes a certain threshold, it will display the corresponding emote with the selected timing. (Off by default.)
    • Auto Timing: This will allow you to select when the automatic emotes should be displayed. (‘On intervals’ is the default.)
      • On intervals: Will display only the most current state for the stat when the HUD updates (Every 5 minutes.) If, for example food was raised from 5% to 100%, the food emote used at the interval would indicate you are now full (Above 90%), for a total of one emote. (If multiple stats cross a threshold during the between time, each effected stat emote will display once at this time.)
      • On change: Will display the stat emote as soon as it crosses one of the thresholds (listed below.) In this case, raising food from 5% to 100% would display each emote immediately as you pass each point. (First the text for going above 10%, then 25%, 50%, and finally 90%, for a total of four emotes.)
      • The thresholds are 50%, 25%, and 10%. There is an additional point at 90% for food, water, and health.
  • Toggle #: This will toggle the display of the % numbers on the HUD. (Default is on.)
  • Toggle Pause: Can be used to toggle the pause state. While paused, no stats will be altered in any way.
  • Warnings: Allows the user to toggle the display of private warning messages at 30% and 5% of stats. (Default is off.)
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