What is XeoLife?

XeoLife is a child friendly role-play HUD for Second Life. With stats such as Food, Water, Hygiene, Energy and more.

Our goal is to keep our focus on the users. We hope to see the HUD evolve through feedback and user input.

It is important to us as well that we do not force our users to spend more money simply to enjoy their product and second life. A set of basic copy items and script will be included with the HUD purchase.

Most items (food, drinks, etc.) have copy permission and won’t disappear, so you will not have to constantly purchase more.

However, We also have affiliates who offer transfer supplies only. These can be used if you wish to make your roleplay more real by having to rebuy supplies. They can be resold/gifted to start your own roleplay store or location.

You can decide yourself how much you wish to spend. You could maintain all stats on the HUD with only the starting items, or collect enough food to hold a festival. There will also be sales and lucky chairs to get new items cheap or free if you lack the funds.

We will have live in-game events where you can win special items or HUD skins and more. Scripted furniture will be all around the Xeolots sim and other grid-wide locations.

XeoLife is also a No Death HUD. Even if your Health stat reaches zero you’re still alive. If you lose too much health your current Experience will start to decrease but you can never level down. Just grab some medicine or go use our magically rejuvenating outhouse in the Mainstore to get your health back up.

To make sure XeoLife is free of lag we don’t use any databases or the like to store information.

To sum it up:

  • HUD with several independent status-bars.
  • Being developed with customer in mind, feedback is encouraged.
  • You get a set of basic items and scrips with a full purchase. More can be bought as needed.
  •  We offer unlimited use copy items such food, drinks, snacks, and more.
  • You can set your own spending limit, get it all or just the things you really need.
  • There will be events with chances to win more items and hud skins.
  • Scripted items that will affect your different statuses will be available in the Xeolots sim and other grid-wide locations. (see RP locations page for more info)
  •  You can never die or lose everything, Health effects current experience but you wont lose you current level even if 0% health is reached. You can simply cure yourself and continue.
  • XeoLife is focused on Low Lag, no outside database servers.


The creation of XeoLife started in 2013 as a personal HUD for me and my family. However some friends requested it to become public so we started development as a store product. We named our product XeoLife because of Xeolots and it’s rp aim within second life. But later we learned about a hud just like it, we did a vote to change our name but our users voted against it.


Grab it here:



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