Blog #020 – The Waiting Game

Blog #020: The Waiting Game

— Story —
As Xelm returns home from school, his dad was waiting for him. With a strict look he pointed at the door of his room and said. “In your room now! Put on your pajamas and no playing games.” Yep, school called and told his dad he bit another kid from class again. Now Xelm is in trouble and does not look very happy with the result of his behavior. And so, the waiting game begins.

— Xelm Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White by Dura
Body: Tweenster by Meshmerized
Shirt: Rather Be Sleeping by [Spaz]
Shorts: Slothy Stripes by [Spaz]
Socks: Hello Good Day by [Spaz]
Armband: Homework Allergy (Gatcha) by Meshmerized
Armband: LiL Trouble (Gatcha) by Meshmerized
Armband: Adopted (Gatcha) by Meshmerized

— Props —
Bed: Sawyer by * AR *
Floor Clothes – Shirt Edge by Loki
Toy Shelf by MuddPuddles
Anna Chair Single by LISP

— Song —

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