Blog #017 – Fashion Dream Job

Fashion Dream Job

— Story —
We all have a dream job growing up. Sometimes it’s something cool kids see, sometimes it’s cute, and sometimes parents are an inspiration. For Xelm, he dreams to become a fashion model one day. To walk the stage and show off his outfit and himself and to be an inspiration to others. After watching the MR SL 2018 fashion show he could not resist to climb onto the stage and have a few minutes of spotlight.

— Special Thanks —
I want to give special thanks to Hikaru Enimo for sponsoring the jeans, special thanks you Mckenzieky sponsoring my bracelets, and the MR/MISS SL staff for allowing me to use their stage for a picture.

— Xelm Outfit —
Hair: *B&G*71-White by Dura
Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento) by Sweet Thing
Smart Shirt – Black & Pink by Meshmerized
Hipster Pants – Black by Meshmerized
Arm Bands by Meshmerized
Shoes: Retro Dunks by [VALE KOER]
Riders Straw Cowboy Hat by Riders Western

— Song —

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