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Blog #018 – Magic Plants

Blog #018: Magic Plants

— Story —
“Green is the prime color of the world, And that from which its loveliness arises”
Sometimes to connect with ourselves, we have to connect with nature. Help it grow to help ourselves grow.
Xelm can feel the magic that sneaks up on him when putting a little effort into making the world a better place.

— Store Event Location —
*PAN* Hydroponics Indoor Garden Set Available @ Cosmopolitan (6 November until 20 November 2017)

— Xelm Outfit & Props —
Hair: *B&G*71-White by Dura
Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento) by Sweet Thing
Hoodie: Be A Dinosaur Dino by *Spaz-Tastik!*
Shorts: Be A Dinosaur Dino by *Spaz-Tastik!*
Socks: Be A Dinosaur Dino by *Spaz-Tastik!*
Watering Can by -RC- CLUSTER

— Props —
Rope Log Wall Shelf by *PAN* 
Hydroponics Indoor Garden by *PAN* 
Hydro Fountain by *PA...

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** Xeolots ** Daily Raffles!

Free Daily Raffle – Resets 01:00:00 SLT.
VIP Group Daily Raffle – Resets 01:00:00 SLT.
Prize: ** Xeolots ** L$250 Gift Card.
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** Xeolots ** VIP Daily Raffle!

Starting today you can join our Daily Raffle
For a ** Xeolots ** L$250 Gift Card!
◈ Reset every day at 01:00AM SLT.
◈ Prize: L$250 Gift Card for Xeolots and XeoLife.
◈ ** Xeolots ** VIP Members only feature.
We hope to show our thanks for being part of our VIP group, which can be joined for a L$250 one-time fee with many bonuses.
◈ Join Here: secondlife:///app/group/b7df851b-9628-e9e9-0660-7f23ef1947e8/about
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Out now! GameToy Typers!

Out now! GameToy Typers for small and big avatars. Enchant your typing with this cute typer that shows up and animates your avatar when typing in local chat, Including a detailed sound menu to turn up, turn off and mute the sounds. Every kids dream!

XeoAdd - GameToy - Colors XeoAdd - GameToy - Fatpack XeoAdd - GameToy - Flowers XeoAdd - GameToy - Madness XeoAdd - GameToy - Rainbow XeoAdd - GameToy - Waves

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New @ Kid To Kid Event!

Only at Kid To Kid – Starting 5 March

XeoAdd - Baby Princess Set-40Off

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** Xeolots ** New Item!

Coming February 1st @ Own It! ::: KiD GRiD :::

XeoAdd - Firetruck Bed

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Meanwhile at SpazzyLots!..

Meanwhile at SpazzyLots!… Spaz-Tastik & Xeolots Mainstore!

Snapshot_004 Snapshot_006 Snapshot_005 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_001

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Mainstore SIM Re-Opened!

Hey Guys!

The mainstore sim for Spaz-Tastik & Xeolots is now re-opened however… a couple things have changed! We’ve renamed the sim from “Elven Paradise” to “SpazzyLots”, we have now connected to the ::: KiD GRiD ::: (South of Youth Nation: home of Pleasant Shore Elementary) and due to the move, we’ve redesigned the sim and the stores!

So be sure to come check out the sim, a couple things may be out of place but they’ll be fixed soon enough. And don’t forget to check out the connected sims as well!

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New Bloggers!

** Xeolots ** has 4 new bloggers! Welcome to the Team!

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Now Updated!

Now Updated: ** Xeolots ** Small Toy Box.

– Renamed Item: Formerly known as “Kid Toybox”.
– Added *XeoLife*.
– Fixed minor issues.
– New Display Add.

Free updates have been sent out.


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