XeoRealms Adventure Camp

Latest News: Do you hear that? A growling, grumbling, low pitched rumbling emanating from the portal to XeoRealms? We don’t know what it is but we do know whatever it it is, it’s getting closer! We think another adventure is waiting beyond that portal. We better get ready. We don’t want to miss what’s coming! How about you? Are you ready to brave the dangers and be the next hero of XeoRealms?

The time has come, the portal to The XeoRealms will be opened and unlock a world like you never seen before! Join us in this week long adventure with your friends, family and strangers, that hopefully become your friend at the end of the week in The XeoRealms Adventure Camp!

Main camp features:

  • Counselors & Events
    • Enjoy countless hours of counselor events.
    • Laugh, dance, share with and love the family community.
    • Feel welcomed. Humans, furries, elfs, everyone is welcome!
    • Have fun and win prizes!
  • XeoRealms Quest System
    • Follow the story through an interactive quest system.
    • New updated quest every few days.
    • Decide the fate of the XeoRealms story.
  • XeoRealms Battle & Loot System
    • Battle creatures and monster.
    • Discover hidden treasures and loot.
    • Craft your own unique items.
    • Show how brave you are, battle your friends and enemies!
  • Factions & Wars
    • Join a faction with your friends (or alone).
    • Grow your faction by winning wars.
    • Change the future of The XeoRealms by winning for your team!
  • Are you excited yet? No? Well we have much more planned!
    • Keep an eye out of our facebook page & website.
    • Join our in-game group.

Camp dates: Fall 2019.
Camper signups: Not Possible Yet.

—  The History of XeoRealms —

The XeoRealms was originally created in May 2018 as an experience for everyone, a world based on fantasy and medieval times. Where you followed the story to unlock a magical portal, during your adventure you came across multiple creatures and monsters. As you continued your path you had to solve puzzle and collect loot, craft weapons and much more!

However as loved as The XeoRealms was, to keep it updated monthly was an impossible task and I have been trying to find a way to continue my dream world but had to close it down in January 2019 for a limited time. During this period a new plan has been created, the plan of a XeoRealms camp!

With my love from Second Life camps, being both counselor and camper for many years I always wanted to offer something for other residents to thank those who made my SL fun and helped me through a huge part of my real life for so many years.

Because both of these reasons, starting March 2019 a new adventure begins! XeoRealms Adventure Camp for all Second Life Kids! With the experience and resources we have gained over the years we hope to make your wish come true and offer you a wonderful week in Second Life!